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  • The LEBCI(Loop Electronics Bar Code Inventory) system is a mechanized tool designed to inventory a wide variety of plug-in equipment, power equipment and batteries in central offices, CEV equipment shelters and other remote external housings.

    LEBCI eliminates manual encoding of facility records and provides the status of plug-ins that have been identified as being defective by the manufacturer through the PCN (Product Change Notice) System.

    The plug-ins that are candidates for change-out are identified and their exact locations are recorded in the appropriate database.

    The inventory function provides management with detailed information regarding the large capital investment in plug-ins and associated hardware. The PCN function provides an efficient means of locating and removing safety and service affecting plug-ins from the plant.

    Plug-in inventory information is typically collected by plant personnel using any laptop computer equipped with the Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 9x, or Windows NT/2000 operating system, along with the CMC 8988WL WinLEBCI Application Software.

    The scan function is enabled by connecting a CMC bar code scanning wand (or equivalent device) to the serial port of the laptop, with the associated power supply/adapter module.

    The information collected is uploaded to the LEIS system (Loop Engineering Information System) for inventory verification. The uploaded data is edited and verified by a designated LEBCI Coordinator, then passed on to the appropriate module of LEIM (Loop Electronics Inventory Module).

    LEIM is an engineering design module maintained in a relational database containing plug-in information that is location, equipment, slot, connection and system specific.

    WinLEBCI Screen Shots
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    Hardware Requirements
    To use WinLEBCI, the following hardware is required:

  • 133MHz Pentium-class CPU (230 MHz or faster recommended)
  • 32MB RAM (64 MB or more recommended)
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Serial Port
  • Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT (Service Pack 4 or higher), or Windows 2000

    Ordering Information
    To order the CMC 8988WL WinLEBCI application software and associated hardware, contact the Customer Service Group at Communications Manufacturing Company in Los Angeles, California, 310+828-3200.

    In Canada, contact Communications Manufacturing (Canada) LTD in Willowdale, Ontario, at 416+497-5757.

    C7925KITTechNet WinLEBCI Kit (for use with Itronics laptops), includes C7953LP Laser Pen, Software (1 backup WinLEBCI application on CD-ROM), seven-inch electro-mechanical adapter cord, male-to-female DB9 six-ft extension cable and soft case
    C7925VvBSXWWinLEBCI Kit without 7953HR Wand
    C7953HRScanner, High Resolution Bar Code Wand
    C8986Power Supply Adapter, 7925LPC
    C8987Cable, 7925LPC, Power Supply Adapter
    C8988WLSoftware, WinLEBCI
    C8987-6LEBCI, DB-9,6'extension cable
    C8987-12LEBCI, DB-9, 12' extension cable
    C8989Soft case, LEBCI Kit

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